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Over twenty years ago I trained as a stress management trainer. I had become interested in this field because I had become stressed and stress management had helped me. So, what is stress? Well stress is an umbrella term that can be different things depending on many factors including personality, lifestyle, culture and resources i.e. If we have little income or are ill then that can result in stress. Believe it or not we can experience both good and bad stress. Stress is the body's response to changes that create taxing demands. So, if we feel excited and challenged in a balanced way then that can be good stress (otherwise known as Eustress). Here are, some example of Eustress:
• A work promotion
• Climbing a mountain
• Exams
• Giving birth
• Learning to drive a car.
Many of you may look at this list and think some of the things I’ve listed aren’t good stress at all, they might be you worst nightmare! I have to say climbing a mountain would be a nightmare for me and would be unlikely to lead to Eustress. This is because stress is personal. For some climbing a mountain will lead to euphoria and exhilaration, for others it will lead to terror (bad stress).

Due to the complexity of stress management I will look at your specific situation so that we can fully understand your stress and how to deal with it.

Bad stress symptoms:
• Low mood/energy
• Tense muscles
• Stomach problems
• Panic attacks and anxiety
• Frequent illness
• Insomnia
• Excessive anger
• Feeling overwhelmed or out of control

Helpful actions may include:
Learning mindfulness techniques
Leaving a stressful working environment or learning how to stay balanced within it
Techniques for dealing with panic attacks
Managing stressful thoughts and feelings more effectively
Learning effective communication skills to enable you to deal with challenging people

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